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The stresses of managing all their care needs are over!

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Monitor their care both home and abroad

Sometimes it's difficult to always be around. CommuniCare can help you maintain the highest quality care for your loved-one, right from your office or living room, or wherever you are.

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of their care

Get real-time notification of requests from your loved-one. Get that peace of mind you need to keep focussed throughout your day.

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The world's finest bedside care management platform

Bring cutting edge care technology into your home. Now you can truly feel like you are in greater control of the quality of care your loved-one is getting.



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  • My loved-one is bedridden, will communicare work for them?

    CommuniCare will work well even for patients that have limited mobility and speech. The Patient Console's interface is intuitive and makes use easy and pleasant even for the least tech savy users.

  • Is communicare good for stroke patients?

    CommuniCare is excellent for stroke patients, especially aphasic ones. The Patient Console is particularly useful here since it assists the sufferer to communicate in person as well as remotely. CommuniCare can help your loved-one deal more easily with the sudden difficulties that stroke can bring on.

  • How can communicare help me manage all the carers, medication and therapies? it's a lot to deal with.

    The CommuniCare platform allows you to create and manage the Care Circle around the patient through the Care Console. We'll track the medicine, treatments, visits and even the requests from the patient. All these things come together to make the patient's life comfortable while handling the complexities of care. This way you have more time and energy to attend to other important things.

  • What about Dementia?

    CommuniCare works well for managing the care around early to late stage dementia. The Care Circles are excellent for this. The Patient Console however, works best for dementia patients that can use pictorial communication, but is best suited for those typically in the early to mid stages of the disease.

the power of a care circle

Bring the people that care for them together.

The core of CommuniCare is the Care Circle. This brings everyone on the platform together. As they say, many hands make light work. Also, there is the added peace of mind that you have built a strong support network that ensures your loved-one is cared for and happy.


Take A Look

At Some Of The Features

Real-time Communication

Easily receive and send messages in real-time, both from the patient and other carers.

Intuitive Interface

The beautifully illustrated and colour-coded care console makes it easy for patients to commmunicate.

Patient Panic Button

In emergencies, every second counts. Patients can quickly get attention using the panic button.

Medicine Tracking

Track and manage the medicine and treatment regime that the patient is having.

Care/ Service Logging

Eliminate the need for written notes. It's all stored securely in the cloud. We even keep the patient requests for you.

Pain Localisation

Pain is a serious thing. Know the severity and localisation of all the pains and sensations of your patient.

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